Choose from several serial protocols, digital I/O, audio, or analog interfaces with the innovative MMS8010 Micro Mezzanine System™ (MMS) rugged 3U VPX carrier card and the MMS6245 XMC carrier card. TEVET’s strategic partner, Abaco’s, patented MMS system offers an extensive choice of Electrical Conversion Modules (ECMs) designed for the ultimate flexibility in configuring a broad range of mixed signal I/O. Up to six ECMs can be mounted on the MMS8010 3U VPX carrier and four on the MMS6245 XMC.

This ruggedized SWaP system was designed to provide a “building block” solution to your technically complex needs. A modern radar DSP subsystem with its requirement for the fastest analog and FPGA technology may also require mixed I/O functions, such as four serial channels, two analog measurement channels, and 16 digital channels. Prior to the MMS8010 and MMS6245 cards, this required either several cards to be configured, using precious chassis slots, or a custom solution to be developed – requiring time and money.

Easy to integrate, the MMS8010 provides a common set of hardware available in both a VITA 48.1 air-cooled configuration and a VITA 48.2 conduction cooled configuration. The MMS6245 is available in a convection cooled configuration. The MMS8010 is VITA 65 compliant and maps the 96 user-configurable pins to VPX backplane signals; the MMS6245 is VITA 42.3 compliant and maps the 64 user-configurable pins to the front panel via a 68-pin SCSI style connector.

Let our TEVET experts show you how to incorporate the right mix of I/O into your system today!

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