TEVET strategic partner, Abaco Systems has upgraded AXISLib signal processing and math libraries for Intel®-based systems, thus achieving higher performance for your mission critical applications. AXISLib is part of Abaco’s AXIS software environment for HPEC (high performance embedded computing) allowing you to focus on application functionality by taking away a large portion of the software development burden and speeding time-to-deployment while reducing development cost and risk.

The release of AXISLib-AVX 2.6 delivers double the performance of the previous version of AXISLib for 32 point FFTs, and now outperforms the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) – the gold standard – by 20%. Included are new matrix math functions leading to a 300 µs (microsecond) saving in compute time when working with 128 x 128 matrices and new ‘half float’ conversion functions doubling the data throughput from sensor to CPU. These features are especially vital in radar applications such as pulse compression and other compression and pattern matching algorithms

Supported products include the Abaco SBC347D – based on the Intel Xeon-D processor – as well as an entire family of platforms based on latest generation Intel Core™ i7 processors – all offered by TEVET!

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