Service Beyond Our Corporate Walls

At TEVET, we believe it is our duty to answer the call and deliver honorable service to our country and our community. That’s why we support a wide range of local and national organizations by donating both time and money.

Growing up in East Tennessee, TEVET CEO Tracy Solomon saw many people lose their jobs as companies moved their manufacturing operations out of the country. In an effort to bring opportunities back to his hometown, Tracy established TEVET’s headquarters in Greene County. TEVET’s goal was, and is, to continue to provide real opportunities for gainful employment in our HUBZone community to encourage young people to stay in Greeneville, Tennessee. TEVET is proud to be a company that offers volunteer programs for its employees and encourages them to give back.

Bringing in local jobs is just one way TEVET supports the Greeneville area—but Tracy also has a strong belief in supporting veteran programs such as Disabled American Veterans and the Wounded Warrior Project as well as local youth as they embark on their high school and college years. Some of these programs include:

Greeneville High School JROTC

When the local Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program (JROTC) at Greeneville High School was on the brink of closure due to drastically reduced funding, a donation from TEVET kept the program alive. Today, with over 100 students enrolling each year, the program is thriving. Other donations have contributed to a drone building program and a trip to Wright-Patterson Air Force base, which provided students with the opportunity to observe military life first hand. For many students, this was their first time traveling outside of Tennessee.

This year, TEVET is helping students of the local JROTC program take flight and follow their passions through an annual scholarship. This scholarship will cover the costs for a graduating cadet to complete their solo-flight program. Without this scholarship, it would not be possible for some students to participate in the program—and with help from TEVET, at least one student will now have the ability to make their dreams take flight.

Disabled American Veterans

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization is a nonprofit charity that provides support for veterans and their families by assisting with free transportation to medical appointments, attaining benefits for veterans and survivors, and connecting veterans to employment opportunities. In short, the DAV ensures our nation keeps its promises made to our veterans.

TEVET CEO, Tracy Solomon, is a lifetime member of the local Greene County DAV chapter. This past Veterans Day, TEVET made a special donation to its DAV chapter. The donation contributed to the organization’s efforts to help all local veterans, disabled or not.

March of Dimes

The socioeconomic regional challenges of this HUBZone community, such as low wages, loss of its manufacturing base, and sluggish business growth, caused a spike in illegal drug consumption. This, in turn, created a spike in new birth drug addictions. In 2014, there were 1,018 babies born in East Tennessee addicted to drugs used by their mothers.

TEVET is honored to contribute to the regional March of Dimes programs. We do this through participation in the local March of Dimes board and attending and sponsoring events. All contributions go directly to education, research and the treatment of babies in our community.

Holston Home for Children

TEVET partners closely with the local Holston Home for Children. One of the annual donations enabled the home to purchase GradPoint Software. GradPoint provides personalized learning paths for youth, who can work at their own pace to recover credits, prepare for testing such as the SAT, and master new skills. This software gives middle and high school students the opportunity to take college preparatory classes and obtain their high school diploma with a stronger skill base to help them determine a career path.

Another yearly donation from TEVET provided computers and tablets for the Children’s Center and Small Miracles childcare facilities, which are subsidiaries of Holston Home. These contributions provided youth with the ability to experience modern technology firsthand. We know motivated youth grow to become successful adults—that’s why TEVET wants to encourage youth to become educated and familiarize themselves with technology within our HUBZone community.

Capitol Theatre

Another way that TEVET’s CEO, Tracy Solomon, is committed to the improvement of this HUBZone area is through the purchase and revitalization of the historic Capitol Theatre in downtown Greeneville. The iconic art deco style theatre opened in 1934 but had fallen into disrepair in recent years. Now the local theatre, where many memories were made, is available to groups and for local events.

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