Aerospace and Defense demands are rapidly changing. To ensure that your current mission-critical assets are at their peak of performance, you need a hardware and software approach that is reliable, adaptable, and responsive to the needs of your complex testing systems.

Sound a bit overwhelming?

TEVET has the answer – a customizable, platform-based approach with National Instruments solutions.

Through National Instruments’ (NI) webinar series, you will gain the insights on how NI’s wide portfolio of platform-based instrumentation, intuitive software, and engineering expertise can increase your agility in quickly answering your testing needs in today’s rapidly changing environment.


See the webinar topics below that will help you adapt and overcome today’s testing challenges:


1.29.2019 – 11AM (CST): Best Practices for Architecting an Automated Test System

1.29.2019 – 1PM (CST): A Platform-Based Approach to HIL Test for Aerospace Applications

1.30.2019 – 11AM (CST): FPGA-Based Digital Interfacing for Design Verification and Production Test with NI Tools

1.30.2019 – 1PM (CST): 4 Things You Should Know to Future Proof an Electromechanical Test System

1.31.2019 – 11AM (CST): Implementing HALs and MALs with NI Tools

1.31.2019 – 1PM (CST): Ideal Solutions to Rapidly Design, Prototype, and Deploy Aerospace and Defense RF Applications



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