Now you can measure a wide range of samples in a stable and well-controlled testing environment at precisely controlled temperatures with minimum thermal drift. TEVET premier partner, Keysight, expanded the utility of its popular Nano Indenter G200 with laser heating giving you precise control on heating and cooling rates along with very fast temperature stabilization. The new system is capable of independently heating both indenter and sample, which results in lower contact thermal drift during measurements caused by the heat transfer between the sample and indenter.

Ultra-fast heating/cooling at ~20-25°C/sec is achievable, and the Nano Indenter G200 system’s substrate holder is optimized to provide the highest mechanical and temperature stability. To ensure simple and convenient G200 operation, the transparent plate underneath the sample contains a built-in thermocouple and is fully integrated with NanoSuite software to adopt various prevailing test methods.

The G200 laser heater system also gives users the option to purge samples with various gases to avoid contamination and oxidation. The new XP indenter head is uniquely designed for high temperature, long-term usage – and sapphire and boron nitride tips are available for reactive testing conditions.

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