Chicken eggs throughout Europe and Hong Kong have been contaminated with fipronil, an illegal pesticide that can damage people’s kidneys, liver, and thyroid glands if eaten in large quantities. TEVET’s strategic partner, Agilent Technologies has provided the systems to ensure these contaminated eggs are removed from the food chain.

Chinese scientists at the National Reference Laboratory of Veterinary Drug Residues developed a simple, sensitive, and reliable method to determine residual fipronil in chicken eggs and muscles using an Agilent high-performance liquid chromatography system and Zorbax column.  While German scientists at the Saxon Sate Laboratory of Health and Veterinary Affairs developed a sample preparation method to determine 97 GC and 81 LC amenable residues employing an Agilent HPLC system coupled to an Agilent triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer.

These Agilent test systems, offered by TEVET, ensure consistent quality and uncompromising testing throughout the food production chain, including inspection, new product development, quality control and assurance, and packaging.

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