The new Ultivo Triple-Quad LC/MS offered by TEVET, and our strategic partner Agilent Technologies, is one-fourth the size of its predecessor and still outperforms it. Smaller footprint, increased performance.

Innovations include a fundamentally new quadrupole design with a vortex-collision cell and a cyclone-ion guide. It increases sample throughput with faster scanning. Meanwhile, the cyclone-ion guide sends more ions to the detector producing improved reproducible results.

Potential uses include: identifying new environmental pollutants – it seamlessly integrates with MassHunter software to enable powerful data collection, processing, and reporting tools; or, ensuring the food supply is safe – it’s fine-tuned for accuracy and precision with the selectivity and sensitivity needed to confidently monitor for and identify contaminants.

Customizable software allows users to enable different features depending on their workflow needs. Instrument diagnostics can be initiated and alert users of system updates.

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