The DoD US Army Fort Bragg, Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) plans, integrates, awards, and administers contracts throughout the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) to ensure operational readiness. One of the biggest initiatives the DoD began in 2014 is the modernization of their mission critical Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) requirements.

Arguably there is not a more vital piece of equipment on the battlefield than the Land Mobile Radio (LMR), which enables ground troops to maintain communications at all times. The DoD requires new TMDE that can test all the parameters of their deployed LMRs, as well as provide the ability to test emerging digital standards.

Astronics Radio Test Sets are built on 20+ years of supporting DoD LMR systems This is a heritage that offers proven results and a modular system architecture that is upgradeable to meet the test requirements for decades to come.