Scientific Support Aggregator

TEVET is proud to offer the top manufacturers in the markets it serves, but what if you are just spec’ing a project? TEVET has qualified employees across the markets to offer you multiple solutions and options.

E-Business Integration

TEVET offers a robust suite of e-business integration services aimed at streamlining your procurement process and removing costs from your supply chain. To do this, integration solutions support the exchange of business data in computer-to-computer transactions without the need for human intervention. Take advantage of our integration and interoperability experience across a wide variety of e-procurement platforms. At TEVET, we support many types of software integrations and connectivity methods to meet your e-commerce requirements.

Lab Supply and Chemical Management

With research, time matters. Let TEVET manage your supplies and chemicals to produce cost savings and reduce time spent on procurement. While managing your supplies, TEVET can reduce space used for supplies, carried inventory and loss/damages, while improving cost accounting.

Lab Start-Up/Remediation

Are you planning a new lab? Do you need to move to a new location? Let TEVET assist and make the move as simple as possible. Not only will your lab be fully stocked and ready to use, but will meet all requirements and certifications.

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