TEVET industry partner, Empower RF Systems is demonstrating a remotely controlled amplifier at the IEEE EMC exhibit venue on August 8-10 in Los Angeles. The Empower 2170 1kW RF amplifier will be controlled remotely through a standard web browser from their booth in Hawaii. The setup includes a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, external power meter, and load simulating the ease of conducting remote test and modulation scenarios.

As the industry’s first scalable design, the 2170 amplifier supplies a large variety of output power levels while reducing overall costs. Moving forward, you can add amplifier blocks for future test or application requirements. Also, with a small EU size, the high-power RF amplifier can be conveniently shipped for offsite testing and easily moved around within your testing environment.

Your testing is simplified with Empower’s Automatic Level Control (ALC). It increases your testing speed for radiated immunity sweeps while using fewer external instruments. Simply communicate a command to the amplifier for the desired output power without needing the equipment to adjust for the roller coaster output vs frequency curves of the old technology amplifiers.

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