National Instruments and TEVET want to keep you innovating and impacting our world. Through NI’s new product – SystemLink – you can simplify system and data management through a centralized, web-based interface for both local and remote systems. Kicker – your software and instruments don’t even have to be NI-specific! Learn more about SystemLink; nominate for Engineering Impact Awards; get a discount on NIWeek 2019 registrations; mark your calendar for this week’s upcoming NI webinars with our article!

Connect, Deploy, and Manage Distributed Test and Measurement Systems with SystemLink

SystemLink software delivers measurable improvements for efficiency and productivity by providing you with a centralized, web-based management interface for connected devices, software, and data. Even though it is aligned with NI products, SystemLink’s open architecture can integrate with multiple third-party software and hardware options. See some of what you can do with SystemLink below:

  • Systems management – optimize configuration, software deployment, device management, and diagnostics while consistently monitoring the health and performance of your workflow.
  • Data management services – automate data searches and standardization to efficiently process your data and reduce your time spent. Utilize the DataFinder Server and the Analysis Server options.
  • Data visualization services – accelerate and visualize remote, real-time applications with graphical design tools that can be published to the SystemLink Cloud.
  • Automated test insights – Increase efficiency, decrease downtime by consistently monitoring and reporting on operational parameters.

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Share the Impact You are Making!

Every day, you are creating innovations and breakthroughs for our world. And these are not small feats.

Share what you have accomplished by using NI products with the rest of the industry at NIWeek 2019. Enter for the Engineering Impact Awards. It is simple and you don’t want to miss your celebration! Deadlines are February 28th.

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Save Now on Your Trip to NIWeek 2019

Join the gang (TEVET and the rest of the industry) at NIWeek 2019 in Austin for May 20th-23rd. If you register now, you can save up to 25%. You have until March 22nd for the discount. So hurry up and make up your mind! We can’t wait to see you. And you can’t wait to see us….or NASA Astronaut, Captain Scott Kelly. We know the truth and won’t tell the Captain.

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Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming NI Webinar Series

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