Greeneville, TN – TEVET’s cornerstone of care and community outreach is based upon the principle of the Golden Rule – “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” And with our success, we actively build upon our cornerstone through working with organizations that are dear to our hearts and have assisted our families.

Two of our closest held organizations is March for Babies and March of Dimes. Theses organizations are committed to building brighter, healthier futures for mothers and newborns. Through fundraising and awareness – programs are expanded, education is created and shared with the medical and general communities. Their mission is also to help mold policy and advocate to prioritize healthcare, fund research to create solutions for the biggest health threats, and give support to mothers across the nation to help them when things don’t go according to plan during their pregnancy journeys.

Every family grows, but growth isn’t always easy. And for many TEVET employees – mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands, and friends – the research, education, care, and assistance from the March for Babies and March of Dimes organizations has touched their lives, either directly or indirectly. For some, the support and medicines developed through March of Dimes research during NICU days were crucial. For others, the education throughout their pregnancies and after their child was born made the transition easier. And for others, the continued research for best care of their premature babies or complicated births added the ease to help them make it through challenging times.

For Senior Account Manager, Kerri Lane, she recalls how March for Babies helped her and her twins through a premature delivery, “The twins decided to surprise us with an early arrival. We thought we had all the essentials, but had to quickly learn about preterm labor, low birth weight, jaundice, and other complications. The support we received in those first few days was life changing. About 1 in 10 babies in this country is born prematurely each year. March for Babies has a special place in my heart for the continuous improvement, education, and advocacy the organization brings to our community.”

For Marketing Manager, MaKinna Lane the mission impacted both pregnancies. “With my oldest, things turned quickly at 30 weeks after a very uneventful pregnancy. Without the research funded by March of Dimes, our outcomes could have been very different. Likewise, during my second pregnancy, the research led to an action plan on how to manage my pregnancy. I was able to carry her to 36 weeks with minimal complications. Thanks to the March of Dimes I have two beautiful girls with no ongoing complications from their prematurity.”

With the intertwining of the March for Babies organization in so many TEVET employees’ lives, we made it our mission to support the organization in every way that we can. We continually fundraise and donate, participate on the local chapter’s board, raise awareness in our community, and sponsor an annual march. All our efforts rank us as a Gold Sponsor. We believe in the Golden Rule. And if our lives were positively affected by March for Babies, then others deserve the same access and hopefully the same healthy starts to their new families. That is why we “march.”

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