Position Overview

The e-Marketing Associate has professional aspirations of becoming an expert on the promotion and selling of technical products or services through various electronic marketing platforms and tools. The position must be able to combine their technical and marketing knowledge and competences to fulfill the company’s sales objectives and goals. Additional responsibilities include analyzing the market trends and expectations and designing new sales and promotion techniques through electronic media.

The e-Marketing Associate will work directly with Marketing Team Leaders to gain an understanding of; company branding objectives, B2B sales lead generation and associated marketing processes.

The position will assist the marketing team in completing tasks that will ensure TEVET’s message is penetrating and expanding within our distinct markets. TEVET utilizes multiple marketing platforms including; social media, e-Commerce sites, website, email, collateral and promotional items, and at industry tradeshows or customer venues.

Applicants must possess the mindset of a self-starter that is willing to ask for and take strategic direction, execute those directions with excellence and proactively seek ways to add their own unique value to those strategies.  The applicant must also understand their own ability to control the learning opportunities afforded to them by actively seeking opportunities to learn through this experience.

Main Responsibilities

  • Design, co-develop and carry out technical marketing strategies
  • Analyze and interpret marketing trends concerning technical products or services
  • Prepare and present analytical reports
  • Organize and conduct research activities
  • Evaluate the consumer’s needs and expectations and design and introduce new products
  • Design and develop new strategies and techniques in order to promote and sell more products
  • Develop marketing and promotion campaigns
  • Ensure compliance with technical marketing practices
  • Handle and maintain web updates
  • Establish and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers, customers and company staff when directed and required
  • Provide technical marketing assistance to staff
  • Increase the company’s awareness and recognition by providing high quality technical products and services awareness and promoting excellent customer service
  • Ensuring branding is consistent across all platforms
  • Design ideas incorporated into website, trade shows, videos, and other campaigns
  • Editing collateral and graphic design
  • Social media and blog creation and posts
  • Contact management for clean segmentation in campaigns
  • Data collection and input

Required Skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal competences and presentation skills
  • Professional appearance and behavior
  • Very good organizational competences
  • Excellent strategic planning
  • Efficient in time management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Attention to details
  • Results oriented
  • Business awareness
  • Customer service
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data
  • Able to understand market trends and customer needs
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Technical knowledge and competences
  • IT knowledge and computer proficiency
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Enthusiastic and dynamic
  • Ethical and responsible
  • Self-motivated
  • Quick learner and eager to develop and improve

Education and Training

  • Those who want a position in technical marketing are required to be pursuing at least a Bachelor’s degree in a Strategic mindset backed by strong work ethic, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills
  • Proactive personality with a “can-do” attitude and willingness to learn
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and social media platforms
  • Some experience in Adobe platforms, SEO, and online marketing platforms preferred
  • Adaptable/flexible: being open to new challenges and consistently new ideas being added to the mix
  • Technical or marketing discipline or pursuing a degree in sales, marketing, and/or business.

Specific Duties

Social Media

  • Maintain content Media Calendar
  • Ensure proper TEVET branding and links throughout social media platforms
  • Understand content needs and schedule postings accordingly
  • Work with other marketing team members to ensure content is available prior to scheduled date
  • Work with marketing team and stakeholders to ensure additional content is in reserve to accommodate for last minute business needs
  • Post content to LinkedIn at minimum of twice/ week
  • Ensure all PRs are uploaded onto the google business platform
  • Ensure all Community PRs and information are uploaded to the TEVET Facebook page
  • Pending strategic decision, ensure all posts are uploaded into twitter


  • Work with account managers and marketing team to understand locations with weak penetration
  • Utilize resources to discover contacts within those locations and capture any additional information that may be useful to marketing (interest, family, etc.)
  • Upload clean contact data into Pardot to upload into TEVET explainer emails drip campaign
  • Work with team members to tweak current explainer email drip campaign to maximize results
  • Once contacts become active, work with Database Administrator to ensure they are loaded into Netsuite accurately
  • Analyze current contacts for missing data that can be obtained via the web (i.e. End Users Technology focus)


  • Develop TEVET video content to attract audiences from the spectrum of TEVET’s customers.
  • Work with marketing to understand needs for upcoming video content to be featured in email
  • Utilize Wistia platform to analyze video analytics, and edit videos and strategy accordingly


  • Develop list of links out on current website
  • Utilize tool or personal system to ensure links are verified bi-monthly for no broken links.
  • Assist with website update calendar when needed, light photo editing and banner creation will be required


  • Assist team members with counts before and after tradeshows
  • Manage information to ensure accurate counts are being sent to each show
  • Assist team members with properly packaging marketing materials


  • Manage “Marketing Requests” through Wrike
  • Manage TEVET “thank you gifts” – packaging/shipping/follow up with Sales team members
  • Potentially coordinate an email that goes out with package and tracking number
  • Obtain raw data for marketing reporting and KPIs
  • Assist with Capitol Theater marketing efforts and promotion