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TEVET partners with industry leaders in lab instrumentation, supplies, and automation to give you, our customer, the best in value, quality, innovation, and service. Find your industry.

Aerospace and Defense

Increasing productivity while
ensuring cost savings.

Energy and Fuels

Delivering solutions for your unique
lab environment.


Ensuring accurate results while
minimizing risk.

Food and Agriculture

Providing solutions that ensure reliable
and traceable data.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Increasing efficiencies in discovery
and production.

Universities and Academia

Providing efficiencies that drive more research and greater recognition.

“You are wonderful! You have made my program manager’s entire year! He was really stressing about this effort! Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance on this order.”
– Buyer, Major Prime Contractor

“In the couple of procurements placed with TEVET, the response is fast and thorough. Thanks. But more importantly, thank you for your service to our country.”
– A Recently Satisfied Customer

“Evie is your best asset. She is thorough, professional, and I always know she is going to do what she says she is going to do. It is a pleasure doing business with her.”
– A Recently Satisfied Customer