Energy and Fuels

As the need for energy independence and innovation grows, TEVET is here to support your research and lab requirements. As a partner to leaders in both Test and Measurement and Chemical Analysis equipment manufacturers, we have access to the most powerful and capable equipment for your lab. We can arrange to install instrumentation and train your staff onsite, or, when time is of the essence, we can preconfigure or utilize commercial off-the-shelf products to delivered to your lab, ready to get to work.

Connecting the vast portfolios of industry giants, such as Keysight Technologies, Agilent Technologies, Fisher Scientific, and others, we provide you with the opportunity to craft a solution to best fit your unique lab environment—with one single point of accountability.


Analysis of the constituents of hydrocarbon streams is critical for most QA/QC laboratories in the chemical and petrochemical industry as the existence of impurities directly impacts product quality and performance. TEVET offers a portfolio of integrated workflow and automation solutions.

For application notes, training opportunities, equipment information, and more visit our partner’s page at:

Agilent Technologies

Exploration and Production

TEVET has partnered with industry leaders to provide solutions for natural resource exploration and production. These solutions allow forward progress in the innovation of methods of extraction for petroleum.

For application notes, training opportunities, equipment information, and more visit our partner’s pages at:

Agilent Technologies

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Our CEO, Tracy Solomon, founded TEVET in 2004 after six years of serving our country in the Navy, where he learned to honor his commitment to our country, the importance of service, and the value of ethical business practices. Find out how these qualities established the foundation for TEVET’s mission.

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