Environmental threats are evolving and increasing daily. TEVET can help equip your lab not only to meet today’s standards but to meet anticipated future regulations and compliance standards. Working together with the world’s leading providers of diagnostics and chemical analysis products, we improve the efficiency of your entire laboratory, while simplifying the procurement process.

Water Analysis

Quality drinking water is essential, whether the source is bottled water or tap. The environment is easily damaged by contaminants from industry in wastewater or improper disposal practices and requires continuous monitoring of these pollutants. No matter what the cause, monitoring the levels of these contaminants accurately in drinking water, wastewater, surface water, and groundwater is essential for ensuring quality and protecting human health.

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Environmental Exposure

Each day scientists identify new and emerging chemical contaminants in environmental matrices requiring further investigation into the affect these toxicants have on humans and biota. Understanding the biochemical and physiological impact of chemical exposure allows government regulators, researchers, and producers to determine potential risk and toxicity of newly developed chemicals, and recently identified emerging chemical contaminants through in vitro research exposing live animals, developing larvae, or cells to water or extracts containing chemical contaminants. Changes to cell metabolism, morphology, or mortality suggest a chemotoxic affect that requires deeper investigation. Utilize TEVET’s partner’s solutions for your testing needs.

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Soils, Sludges, and Sediments

The scope of soil monitoring can range from the analysis of trace toxic metals to organic contaminants, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Petroleum hydrocarbons and a wide variety of pesticides and herbicides must also be tested for, and the methods used are required to be efficient, cost-effective, and robust to ensure regulatory compliance.

For application notes, training opportunities, equipment information, and more visit our partner’s page at:

Agilent Technologies

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