Food and Agriculture

TEVET understands ensuring the safety and quality of the food we consume is no small task. Are you creating a new production process, but need to ensure safety? Do you need to confirm that your current products contain no contaminants? Let TEVET help create and provide a solution that puts the focus back on your work, where it should be. We offer solutions in Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy, and Informatics to ensure not just reliable data, but also traceable data.

We give you the power to take on your data challenges. We utilize our expertise to create customized technology solutions that meet your needs and provide the best value. With our longtime partnerships with the most trusted, recognized companies in the world—we can negotiate and secure the best solution for you. Put our industry recognized and credible Account Management team to work for you.

Dietary Supplements and Health Foods

Dietary supplements and their raw materials are diverse, from an extract in a tablet to a tea packet or oil bottle in the kitchen. Producers and regulators must ensure that active compounds are at levels expected. Geographic origin, freshness, and production-type can affect health benefits and also require testing. Let TEVET help you customize a solution to meet your lab’s needs.

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Soil Quality and Fertilizer Analysis

As global market and social pressures demand that farming methods become ever more sustainable, soil quality and fertilizer analysis have become increasingly important variables in determining crop yields.

Considerable emphasis has been placed on fast and accurate determination of many elements in agricultural soil. Analyzing micronutrient contents enables an assessment of the nutrient levels available for plants and highlights possible deficiencies, but systems must be able to measure a wide range of ingredients.

For application notes, training opportunities, equipment information, and more, visit our partner’s page at:

Agilent Technologies

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