The new ImageFlex software, developed by TEVET’s industry partner Abaco Systems, simplifies application creation by delivering a powerful set of high-level application programming interfaces (APIs).ImageFlex is designed to harness the full potential of NVIDIA®, AMD, and Intel® GPUs. You can easily develop, test, debug, and maintain image processing and graphics applications at five-times the speed of average deployment. No OpenGL™ experience needed!

The APIs form a user-friendly interface with an abstraction layer on top of OpenGL allowing developers to rapidly create high performance applications. It includes optimized, high quality image fusion, stabilization, and distortion correction algorithms, as well as a reference implementation of “Skybox”, an application that performs real-time 360° spherical stitching. The API facilitates full ‘spherical’ situational awareness using ‘cube maps’ displaying equi-rectangular images. Users can integrate their own camera array and processing making the software perfect for Degraded Visual Environment (DVE), 360° situational awareness, helmet mounted sight processing, and target identification and tracking.

Let our TEVET experts show you how to simplify and upgrade your imaging and graphics today!

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