Prepare for Future Testing Demands – NEW FieldFox N991xB/N993xB – 100 MHz Bandwidth

Are you prepared for future demands that Radar, EW, and 5G require such as wider bandwidths and real-time spectrum analysis tools that capture intermittent and elusive signals for complex beam sweeping?

Yes? No? Not sure? – That is okay.

Keysight Technologies has created a new solution for those types of future demands. The NEW FieldFox N991xB/N993xB adds solutions and versatility for 5G, satellite communications, signal monitoring, and electronic warfare applications.

Here are some of the capabilities that the NEW FieldFox provides you:

  • 100 MHz of analysis bandwidth, I/Q capture and real-time bandwidth, wideband IF output
  • 4-5 dB improved DANL over previous generation FieldFox, up to 15 dB better in some bands
  • 10 dB improved phase noise over the previous generation FieldFox
  • 5GNR and LTE-A demodulation with 89600 VSA software
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) measurements for 5G TF and LTE FDD
  • New high capacity battery providing over 5 hours of battery life


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NEW Keysight FieldFox N991xB/N993xB

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