Evie Webster – Senior Account Manager

My professional career has evolved in two very diverse directions. After receiving my MA degree, I started out providing in-home family therapy to families of seriously emotionally disturbed youth and chronic juvenile offenders. The goal was “deinstitutionalization” – keeping families together by helping them develop skills needed to problem solve and communicate effectively with each other.

Moving back to East Tennessee has been a serendipitous journey. I found myself entering the world of business as Manager of International Operations and now as Sr. Account Manager at TEVET with an aerospace and defense customer base. A far stretch from what I was accustomed, yet intertwined in a manner that made my clinical skills valuable in the business world. Now, after seven plus years at TEVET, I find myself embracing this path and have realized the diverse nature of my ability to succeed at whatever life puts before me.

Every day I strive to learn something new and enjoy my love for animals. I volunteer my time and make monthly donations to the local Humane Society in Greeneville. The highest compliment ever paid to me was “when I pass on, I want to come back as one of your dogs.” Now that’s a compliment I’ll take over a handful of money any day.

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