Paul Daniel – IT Manager

My skills were developed from my U.S. Naval training and position as a metrology engineer at a globally recognized communications company.

During my U.S. Naval career, I was a successful metrologist supporting numerous Navy Squadrons and Carrier Air Wings. This experience lead and inspired me through this career as a metrology engineer in the communications industry. During this time, I supported multiple metrology labs with ISO/IEC 17025 audits, product analysis, procedure development, and project management. I have applied myself in leadership as a quality professional throughout my career.

As the Quality & IT Director for TEVET, I am responsible for maintaining the AS9120B & ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and IT security infrastructure. I provide QA/QC assistance to project managers, managers, and serve as the TEVET representative on quality matters.

I am a devoted husband and father to two talented children. My eldest son excels as an IT code engineer. My youngest daughter is a gifted high school debater, earning state honors while attending ivy league summer programs.

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