National Instruments and TEVET are here to keep you full force ahead with your testing capabilities. Whether it is creating test system solutions to overcome megatrends (like multi-industry convergence) or sharing our expert engineering knowledge with you (see upcoming webinars), we are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date, agile, and at your highest level of performance.


Multi-Industry Convergence Disrupts Test Strategies

As an engineering megatrend, multi-industry convergence is not a new concept. It is probably one of the oldest market trends, and the benefits and costs have remained somewhat similar since the beginning. The open exchange of ideas and technologies along with the advancement of each is a benefit from convergence; but meanwhile, the complexity of new ideas, technologies, and processes creates additional anxiety and demands for more adaptable test platforms that are flexible for industry changes.

And keep in mind, while these industries are adopting new technologies, they still need to have testing expertise for each new technology. Testing is an absolute necessity that adds another layer of complexity.

To put it simply, industry convergence has immense possibilities but comes with just as large complexities. (A Spiderman quote comes to mind, “With great power comes great responsibility.”)

National Instruments has taken on the industry convergence trend head-on. To overcome convergence costs, they have built adaptable test system solutions that keep engineers nimble for the quickly changing future.


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Adding to NIWeek Roster

National Instruments is excited to announce that Captain Scott Kelly (former International Space Station commander and astronaut, retired US Navy Captain and pilot, and engineer) will be the closing keynote speaker at NIWeek 2019.  TEVET is excited to attend NIWeek and gain more insights from leaders in our industry!


NIWeek – Full Force Ahead



Upcoming Webinars

Through National Instruments’ (NI) webinar series, you will gain the insights on how NI’s wide portfolio of platform-based instrumentation, intuitive software, and engineering expertise can increase your agility in quickly answering your testing needs in today’s rapidly changing environment.

See the webinar topics below that will help you adapt and overcome today’s testing challenges:

1.29.2019 – 11AM (CST): Best Practices for Architecting an Automated Test System

1.29.2019 – 1PM (CST): A Platform-Based Approach to HIL Test for Aerospace Applications

1.30.2019 – 11AM (CST): FPGA-Based Digital Interfacing for Design Verification and Production Test with NI Tools

1.30.2019 – 1PM (CST): 4 Things You Should Know to Future Proof an Electromechanical Test System

1.31.2019 – 11AM (CST): Implementing HALs and MALs with NI Tools

1.31.2019 – 1PM (CST): Ideal Solutions to Rapidly Design, Prototype, and Deploy Aerospace and Defense RF Applications


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