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TEVET offers a holistic IT approach across the full spectrum of today’s challenging IT environments. Through strategic relationships with industry-leading OEM partners, close customer communication, and accessible experts for specific concerns, TEVET provides comprehensive solutions for big data, collaborative and communication systems, and task-oriented data management.

TEVET facilitates an efficient supply chain and support mechanism for manufacturers by using a combination of direct marketing, distributed selling and support, and centralized product fulfillment. Additionally, while our experience and expertise in marketing and eCommerce allow us to efficiently reach and capture customers across all segments, our scale and centralized model allow us to efficiently deploy a one-of-a-kind selling and delivery model.

With our extensive capabilities and our commitment to you and your IT infrastructure, TEVET creates the customized solutions that fulfill your testing, communication, and other needs to ensure your continued success.

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“You are wonderful! You have made my program manager’s entire year! He was really stressing about this effort! Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance on this order.”
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“In the couple of procurements placed with TEVET, the response is fast and thorough. Thanks. But more importantly, thank you for your service to our country.”
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Third Generation Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Our CEO, Tracy Solomon, founded TEVET in 2004 after six years of serving our country in the Navy, where he learned to honor his commitment to our country, the importance of service, and the value of ethical business practices. Find out how these qualities established the foundation for TEVET’s mission.

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