Agilent Technologies is a premier laboratory partner and industry leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. Complemented and backed by the ongoing R&D of Agilent Research Laboratories, Agilent Technologies offers instrumentation, software, services, and consumables that tackle the diverse circumstances of laboratory supply and management needs.

Agilent Technologies and TEVET work closely with our customers to more effectively address the scientific needs of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. In working together, the solutions we find improve the efficiency of the entire laboratory, through all stages of procurement, and forge the consumer connections that drive future collaboration.

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TEVET is an Agilent Technologies Reseller

Agilent Technologies is an American R&D and manufacturing company based in Santa Clara, California. Agilent Technologies extends an overarching global presence as a leader in Life Sciences, Diagnostics, and Applied Chemical markets, providing analytical instrumentation, services, consumables, software applications, and expertise at all stages of the customer’s lab workflow.

To enrich and complement Agilent’s product lines, its research body, Agilent Research Laboratories, looks beyond its product lines to foresee the environments and technologies that will power future breakthroughs. This foresight brings scientific awareness to customers of Agilent Technologies and TEVET.

Agilent Technologies focuses its resource expertise on the six key markets of Food, Environmental and Forensic, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Chemical Energy, and Research. We collaborate in these key markets to help our customers achieve the goals of their laboratory.

TEVET Services

TEVET’s mission is to add value to all interactions with its customers through measurable benefits and cost savings.

TEVET offers a breadth and depth of service capabilities in areas such as: Logistics Management; Design, Assembly & Integration; Maintenance & End of Life Management.

Below are TEVET’s specific capabilities:

  • Counterfeit Parts Oversight
  • Scheduled Releases
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Configuration Management
  • Traceability
  • Kitting
  • Product Design & Manufacturing
  • Product Assembly
  • Subsystems & Systems
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Fit, Form, & Function Replacement
  • Buy-Back & End of Life Programs
  • Maintenance & Calibration
  • Asset Management

Put our award-winning Account Management team to work for you. We have the expertise to create customized solutions that meet your needs.

Learn More About Our Services

Gas Chromatography/GCMS
TEVET and Agilent Technologies offer you GC products combining uncompromised accuracy with the ease and efficiency of high-throughput functionality, for the separation, analysis, and identification of volatile compounds.

Liquid Chromatography/LCMS
High efficiency LC products provide instrumentation for any application and budget, for the preparative or analytic application of liquid-mobile compounds your lab requires.

Atomic Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies offers high-sensitivity products providing superior performance and accurate background correction, along with systems featuring simultaneous operation of both flame and graphite furnaces.

Molecular Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy products offer excellent resolutions of chemical parameters for the thorough analysis of the structure of your samples, boasting high signal-to-noise ratios and fast kinetics.

Genomics/Automated Solutions
Automated Solutions allow technicians to systematize time-consuming and repetitive tasks in genomics software, lab software, and sample preparation, increasing throughput without impacting data quality.

With various software suites and data management tools, Agilent Technologies provides the most comprehensive multi-vendor instrument control, speed data processing, data analysis tools, and calibration software available.

Agilent Technologies offers comprehensive service plans for analytical instruments across all categories, including repair and maintenance, asset management, compliance, and lab productivity enhancement.

Consumables/Lab Supplies
An extensive supply catalogue is available for your laboratory by way of Agilent Technologies’ diverse portfolio, including large instruments, everyday benchtop instruments, and consumables.

Vacuum Division
Whether your application is R&D, routine industrial processing, or real-time leak detection, Agilent Technologies’ vacuum products and components offer a solution for your lab’s vacuum supply.

Links below have been provided for the correlating sections on the Agilent Technologies website to make your procurement process easier.

Gas/Liquid Chromatography

Atomic/Molecular Spectroscopy

Genomics/Automated Solutions


Vacuum Division

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