Being the first to deliver what’s next is the key to success in the technology industry. Keysight Technologies, a “new” company with over 75 years of electronic test and measurement success as HP and then Agilent Technologies’ Electronic Measurement Group, has been leading the industry in innovation, reliability, and cost-savings. Keysight is 100% focused on helping companies tackle their toughest test and measurement challenges through a unique combination of trusted hardware, ground-breaking software, and their industry experts around the world.

TEVET, Keysight’s leading authorized re-seller, has been selling Keysight products for over 12 years. Year after year, TEVET continues to be a proven successful value-added re-seller for Keysight Technologies. When purchasing through TEVET you receive the same product warranty, standard accessories, and engineering support as if purchased directly from the OEM. As a technology driven company with on staff engineers and technicians, we are here to support you with your test application challenges.

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TEVET is a Keysight Technologies Reseller

World-leader in Electronic Measurement, currently traded on NYSE as KEYS, Keysight Technologies has been unlocking test and measurement insights for over 75 years. Keysight offers an extensive product portfolio of over 200 accessories supporting up to 67 GHz, from small adapters to immense system amplifiers.

Choose Keysight’s high quality equipment that simplifies test setups and gives you the best possible measurement results.

  • Automated Test Environment (ATE) – There is more test instrumentation deployed today in DoD ATE Systems from Keysight than any other T&M OEM (CASS, ECASS, RTCASS, VDATS, VIPER/T, F-15 ESTS, A-10 PATS-70, JSF LM-STAR, IFTE).
  • Avionics, Guidance, Navigation, & GPS – Military personnel depend on the accuracy and reliability of avionics, guidance, navigation, and GPS systems. Whether you are testing to achieve regulatory certification or meet demanding system specifications, solutions from Keysight enable extensive testing of the systems that ensure safe, successful journeys.
  • Military Communications – To meet present and future mission requirements, the countless unique radios of the past are giving way to compatible, multi-mode, or software-defined digital systems that ensure easy interoperability. To keep pace, measurement solutions must be able to test these versatile radios throughout their lifecycles. From dynamic probing inside an FPGA to testing RF, IF, and IQ, to design simulation to operational troubleshooting, Keysight can help you ensure system readiness.
  • Radar Test & Electronic Warfare (EW) Test – Technology that tests the EW challenges in detection, avoidance, and countermeasures by use of the best-in-class analog and vector signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, vector network analyzers, and more. From simulations of an arriving wave front with multiple emitters to testing of precision components in a receiver, Keysight’s solutions are ready for the complexity of radar test and EW test applications.
  • Satellites – From guidance systems to satellite payloads to microwave communications, design and validation tools from Keysight provide greater assurance that your satellite and its subsystems will work the first time, every time, for the duration of the mission.
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) – Fast growth in the types and varieties of wireless technologies poses an escalating challenge for intelligence and homeland security agencies. Whether the mission is intercept and collect, detect and eradicate, monitor and track, or trend and analyze, Keysight’s diverse technology base and deep familiarity with wireless communications give you an edge that increases the probability of earlier detection, assessment, and response.
  • Platforms – GPIB (HP-IB/IEEE-488) LXI, PXI, AXIe, VXI—no other OEM offers as many instruments across all major test platforms.
  • Three year product warranty on all instruments – Helps drive down your Total Cost of Ownership.

TEVET Services

TEVET’s mission is to add value to all interactions with its customers through measurable benefits and cost savings.

TEVET offers a breadth and depth of service capabilities in areas such as: Logistics Management; Design, Assembly & Integration; Maintenance & End of Life Management.

Below are TEVET’s specific capabilities:

  • Counterfeit Parts Oversight
  • Scheduled Releases
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Configuration Management
  • Traceability
  • Kitting
  • Product Design & Manufacturing
  • Product Assembly
  • Subsystems & Systems
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Fit, Form, & Function Replacement
  • Buy-Back & End of Life Programs
  • Maintenance & Calibration
  • Asset Management

Put our award-winning Account Management team to work for you. We have the expertise to create customized solutions that meet your needs.

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Solve all your Oscilloscope requirements from 20MHz- 90GHz. Handheld and Bench/ATE solutions.

AC/DC Power Supplies, Loads, & Power Analyzers
AC Power to 4,000VA/DC Power to 15k Watts. Bench/ATE solutions.


Meters and Thermal Imagers
Discuss with us your requirements for volume applications.

Frequency Counters
#1 Frequency Counter OEM in the world offering the widest variety of measurements with exceptional performance and reliability. Bench/ATE solutions.

Logic Analyzers
FPGA Design/ Development solutions, up to 204 channels in a single box. Bench/ATE solutions.


Function/ Pulse/Data Generators
Keysight’s exclusive TrueformTM technology. Bench/ATE solutions.

RF Signal Sources
9kHz to 70GHz / Multiplers to 1.1THz. Bench/ATE solutions.

RF Signal Analyzers
3Hz to 50GHz / up to 1GHz Analysis Bandwidth. Handheld and Bench/ATE solutions.


RF Network Analyzers
5Hz to 110GHz / World’s 1st 50GHz Handheld. Handheld and Bench/ATE solutions.


High Speed ARBs up to 92GSa/s Vector Signal Analyzers up to 50GHz. Handheld and Bench/ATE solutions.

RF Microwave Switches up to 67GHz RF Microwave Attenuators Fixed & Stepped Passive and Active devices.

Wide array of service and maintenance agreements for each customer.

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Logic Analyzers

Signal Analyzers

Network Analyzers


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