Network Analyzers

Gain deeper confidence on the bench, in the rack and in the field

PNA Network Analyzers

300 KHz to 1.1 THz

Includes Model Numbers:

N5247B, N5245B, N5244B, N5242B, N5241B, N5249B, N5227B, N5225B, N5224B, N5222B, N5221B, N5235B, N5234B, N5231B, N5239B, N5291A, N5290A, N5264B, N5247A, N5245A, N5244A, N5242A, N5242A, N5241A, N5249A, N5227A, N5225A, N5222A, N5221A, N5235A, N5234A, N5232A, N5231A, N5239A, N5251A, N5264A

Reach for unrivaled excellence

  • Choose between three PNA Series to get the right mix of speed, performance, and price
  • In R&D, obtain a higher level of measurement integrity that helps you transform deeper understanding into better designs
  • On the production line, attain the throughput and repeatability you need to transform great designs into competitive products
  • Get the ultimate expression of Keysight expertise in linear and nonlinear device characterization

ENA Vector Network Analyzers

5Hz to 20 GHz

Includes Model Numbers: E5080A, E5072A, E5071C, E5063A, E5061B

Drive down the cost of test

  • Create accurate, dependable test stations with high throughput, repeatability and reliability
  • Streamline your measurement flow with intuitive user interface and achieve better results in less time
  • Secure your assets with upgradability, including software and hardware such as frequency and test port

PXI Vector Network Analyzers

Includes Model Numbers:

M9375A, M9374A, M9373A, M9372A, M9371A, M9370A, M9485A

Drive down the size and cost of test

  • Choose from six frequency ranges up to 26.5 GHz, pay only for what you need
  • Get the best PXI VNA speed, dynamic range, trace noise and stability; improve accuracy, yield & margins
  • Offers full 2-port S-parameters in one PXI slot; have more slots available in your PXI chassis
  • Provides trusted Keysight measurement science and calibration – get measurements you can count on
  • Cascade multiple modules for true multiport applications – test with full N-port capability