Solve your toughest measurement challenges with oscilloscopes from 20 MHz to 90 GHz

InfiniVision 3000T X-Series Oscilloscopes

100 MHz to 1 GHz digital storage and mixed signal scopes


Includes model numbers (MSOX and DSOX ):

3012T, 3014T, 3022T, 3024T, 3032T, 3034T, 3052T, 3054T, 3102T and 3104T


– Design for Touch: 8.5 in capacitive touch improves productivity

– Four annotation & touch simplifies documentation


– Identify with fast waveform update, isolate with zone trigger

– Uncompromised 1 M wfm/sec update rate – Hardware zone touch trigger


– 6-in-1 fully upgradable instruments

– 12 low-speed serial protocol trigger and decode – Gated FFT time/frequency domain correlation

InfiniVision 4000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

4000A Main

200 MHz to 1.5 GHz digital storage and mixed signal scopes

Includes model numbers (MSOX and DSOX ):

4022A, 4024A, 4032A, 4034A, 4052A, 4054A, 4104A, AND 4154A


– Industry-exclusive 12.1-inch capacitive touch display is the largest display in this class of oscilloscopes

Zone Touch Trigger

– Triggering has never been this easy before; simply draw a box around your signal of interest for instantaneous triggering.


– Industry’s fastest waveform update rate uncovers infrequent anomalies other scopes may miss.

InfiniVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes


1 GHz to 6 GHz digital storage and mixed signal scopes

Includes model numbers (MSOX and DSOX ):

6002A and 6004A, with options DSOX6B10T252BW, DSOX6B10T254BW DSOX6B10T402BW, DSOX6B10T404BW, DSOX6B10T602BW, and DSOX6B10T604BW

New performance standard

– Get both portability and performance with surprisingly low starting prices and standard hardware bandwidth limit control. Acheive a noise floor of 210 uVrms at 1 mV/div (6 GHz) and 115 uVrms at 1 mV/div (1 GHz).

New visualization standard

– Quickly troubleshoot your design with color grade to reveal how often a particular event occurs. See an infrequent signal or problematic waveform with a fast waveform update rate and then simply isolate it with Zone touch triggering.

New integration standard

– Takes multiple-instrument integration to the next level by integrating six instruments in one. Use enhanced color FFT functions and multi-language voice control for hands-free oscilloscope operation.

Infiniium S-Series Oscilloscopes

s series_

500 MHz to 8 GHz digital storage and mixed signal scopes

Includes model numbers (MSOX and DSOX ):

054A, 104A, 204A, 254A, 404A, 604A, 804A

Industry’s best signal integrity

– A low-noise front end and correction filters ensure flat frequency response.

Most advanced platform

– A next-generation user-interface and powerful motherboard provide fast computations even with advanced math and deep memory enabled.

Broad Range Capability

– Features 16 MSO channels, more than 50 automated measurements, 16 math functions, gating and spectral viewer.

Infiniium V-Series Oscilloscopes

V series Main

8 GHz to 33 GHz high-performance real-time lab scopes

Includes model numbers (MSOX and DSOX ):

V084A, V134A, V164A, V204A, V254A, V334A

 Automated Compliance

– User-defined application software allows automated compliance testing on proprietary buses. Quickly program and automate any set of measurements with an interface similar to Keysight compliance test software while emerging test standards solidify.

Lowest real-time scope jitter measurement floor

– Your signal rise times are more accurately depicted.

Quickly characterize and compensate the frequency response

– PrecisionProbe uses its 200 GHz indium phosphide process to create a fast edge for characterization.