Signal Generators

Push your device within and beyond its limits with unmatched purity and precision

X Series Agile Signal Generators (UXG)

Lower the barriers between new intelligence and up-to-date signal scenarios

Accurately simulate complex signal scenarios

  • Update frequency, amplitude, and phase in as little as 180 ns
  • Generate wide chirps that are 10 to 25 percent of carrier frequency
  • Create pulses as narrow as 10 ns with 3 ns rise/fall times and 90 dB on/off ratio

Includes Model Numbers: N5193A and N5191A

X-Series Signal Generators (MXG, EXG)

Test your very best designs with a golden reference in R&D and essential signals in manufacturing

  • Take your devices to the limit with purity and precision fine-tuned for the highest performance
  • Achieve faster throughput & greater uptime with cost-effective essential signal generation
  • Drive today’s most advanced microwave systems with the best alternatives in size, speed, and cost to the metrology-grade PSG
  • Reduce time you spend on signal creation with Signal Studio software
  • Lower your cost of ownership with 3-year calibration cycles and the most comprehensive solutions for self-maintenance

Includes Model Numbers: N5183B, N5182B, N5181B, N5173B, N5172B, and N5171B

PSG Signal Generators

The most trusted microwave sources, with thousands deployed in hundreds of programs globally

  • Generate trusted microwave signals: get metrology-grade frequency & level accuracy with excellent distortion & spurious characteristics
  • Rely on the highest quality signals from pure CW tones with 1 W of power to complex, vector-modulated signals with 4 GHz bandwidth
  • Reduce the time you spend on signal creation with Signal Studio software
  • Take advantage of increased performance, flexibility & speed when you replace a legacy source with the code-compatible PSG

Includes Model Numbers: E8257D, E8267D, and E8663D

PXI Signal Generators (Signal Sources)

  • Accelerate test throughput with fast, high-quality measurements optimized for RF or microwave design validation & manufacturing test
  • Increase test configuration flexibility with a PXI platform and license key upgrades
  • Reduce development time with easy integration of drivers and programming examples into test environments

Includes Model Numbers: M9383A, M9421A, M9420A, M9381A, M9380A