Ensuring optimal performance of mission-critical systems through innovative test solutions

In 2014, Astronics Test Systems was created under the Astronics Corporation. With over 50 years of experience in the test and measurement industry, Astronics Test Systems offers a complete range of products and solutions. From COTS instrumentation to build-to-print products or rack-mount to bench-top systems, Astronics has the capabilities to create solutions for the customer. In combination with these wide-ranging solution capabilities and their 50+ year reputation as a premier supplier, Astronics can provide support for all Test Program Sets (TPS) throughout their lifecycle. Astronics Test Systems deliver proven, comprehensive, and industry-leading test solutions to commercial and military markets worldwide.

TEVET partners with Astronics Test Systems to provide customers with a combination of Astronics products and TEVET’s industry-recognized customer service. This combination allows TEVET to deliver best value to our customers.

The TEVET Advantage

TEVET’s partnership with Astronics Test Systems allows our customers to utilize TEVET to procure Astronics product lines. Astronics offers unique capabilities in preventing obsolescence that is now combined with TEVET’s exceptional service and simple procurement. Call TEVET today to request a quote on Astronics Test Systems products!

DMR Radio Test Solutions
Offering both bench rack and portable units.

Astronics Signal Sources & Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Global recognition as a world leader in signal sources and amplifiers due to a highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities for over the past 40 years.

Test EZ Development Suite
Software toolkit that has a user-friendly operating system and software coding tool.

ATE Systems
CASS, Javelin, Viper/T, JSTARS. It develops, manufactures, and supports a wide variety of ATE.

Software Design
ATE/TPS Specialists, Application Programmers, and FPGA Designers.

Build-to-Print & Custom Electronics
Contact us to discuss your requirements for volume applications.