As an Independent, Family-Owned Company, Rohde & Schwarz is a World-Leading Innovator in Electronic Test & Measurement

For over 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision, and innovation throughout the wireless communication industry. Rohde offers test and measurement solutions that are tailored for the Aerospace and Defense industry. Through promoting IT and network security, Rohde & Schwarz protects and deters cyberattacks and espionage for industry and government organizations. Additionally, they offer reconnaissance and communications equipment for homeland, external security, and the armed forces. In today’s world, Rohde & Schwarz’s solutions are essential for advancement in technology, efficient communication, and unmatched security.

The TEVET Advantage

TEVET has partnered with Rohde & Schwarz to continue streamlining your procurement processes. You can purchase Rohde & Schwarz equipment through existing corporate-wide agreements, blanket purchase agreements within the direct government space, or direct purchase orders. TEVET manages the order throughout the entire order process. From initial specs and quoting, order placement, expediting and shipping, as well as any after purchase needs you may have, TEVET will ensure a one-of-a-kind customer service experience.

Specializing In

Tactical Communications

Software defined radio technology and innovative high data rate networking waveforms are the technological basis for gaining information superiority and situational awareness in today’s military missions.


Naval Communications

Rohde & Schwarz has provided more than 40 navies around the world with the latest technology – from system design to on-board integration. Our communications systems ensure reliable, jam-resistant and encrypted information exchange.


Airborne Communications

Flying units of the air force, army and navy around the world have come to depend on radio solutions from Rohde & Schwarz to support their missions. Our product family includes the only military transceiver that meets civil safety standards.


Signal Intelligence Systems

For decades, decision makers in command have been relying on the results of analysis solutions from Rohde & Schwarz. They offer a full range of modular, scalable and customizable SIGINT intelligence systems – all from a single source.


Air Traffic Control

Equipped with the latest specialist knowledge and many years of experience, Rohde & Schwarz’s engineers design and implement air traffic control communications systems that provide exceptional availability in live operations, even in the toughest environments.


Avionics and Navigation

Terrestrial air navigation and ATC radar systems require unique test and measurement capabilities. Rohde & Schwarz provides test solutions to cover every need from design, development, and production to operational maintenance.


Radar and Electronic Warfare Testing

With the rapid advances across the entire spectrum of radar and electronic warfare technology, the capabilities of test and measurement systems must be continually enhanced. Rohde & Schwarz’s solutions are at the leading edge of performance, capability and ease of use.


Satellite Testing

As a leader in spectrum analysis, cutting edge network analyzer technology and a wide range of signal generators and power meters, Rohde & Schwarz has the right tools to ensure high-performance testing of satellites.


A/V Testing

Military operations generate a tremendous amount of digital data such as position, terrain and video data. Rohde & Schwarz offers customized audio/video measuring instruments to ensure mission success.