New 32 and 64 TB Trifecta-SSD™ COTS PXIe SSD RAID modules made by RADX Technologies®, an industry-leading developer of modular, COTS, T&M  solutions, are now available exclusively to TEVET customers. The new models are the first NVMe SSD RAID modules supporting up to 7 GB/sec sequential read/write performance and up to 64 TB in a single PXIe hybrid or CPCIe slot.

Manufactured in the USA by RADX and distributed exclusively by TEVET, Trifecta-SSD modules are available in 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 TB capacities, with pricing that is typically over 2x more cost-effective than other SSD RAID modules.

“Our customers work with demanding, mission-critical applications, and need readily-available, reliable, streamlined technology,” said Tracy Solomon, CEO of TEVET. “With Trifecta-SSD, customers now can record 16 times more data.”

The new modules bring dramatically increased storage capabilities to PXIe-based systems for wideband single- and multi-channel T&M applications where high-fidelity signal recording and playback provide essential design, validation, and verification capabilities, including:

  • Advanced WiFi, 4G, and 5G MIMO silicon and systems
  • Phased-array RADAR
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Autonomous vehicle sensor processing systems

“Trifecta-SSD provides an effective and scalable solution for implementing new PXIe-based systems or upgrading existing systems with RAID subsystems facing obsolescence,” said Ross Q. Smith, CEO and co-founder of RADX. “Trifecta-SSD is the only single-slot SSD RAID solution that scales to 64 TB per slot and can truly replace external RAID solutions without compromising performance or capacity.”

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