Colorado Springs, CO –  As a nation, we know that the interest in STEM occupations is critical amongst our youth, but we also know that their interest isn’t exactly peaked. Whether it is interest or access to resources, our youth are missing out on opportunities. To ignite the STEM spark, it takes industry leaders being present within our communities and schools. And that is what countless leaders, and especially Keysight Technologies, has done.

TEVET premier partner, Keysight Technologies has taken on the challenge of introducing more students – from ages 5 to 18 – to STEM topics and technology. For instance in Colorado Springs, Keysight recently participated in Colorado Springs’ Cool Science Festival Carnival day. It was a family, fun-filled day at the University of Colorado. Keysight shared their passion of science and lead students through demonstrations. Hands-on events like this are the biggest and most influential investments that we can make in our youth and their futures.

As a HUBZone small business, TEVET strives to create more opportunities within our community and the communities that our employees live in across the nation. Colorado Springs is just one of those locations. And for Keysight, a global-leader in our industry, to take the time to have some fun and inspire kids, we are immensely grateful.

Thank you, Keysight Technologies, for changing the lives of so many!


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