With business and budgets, there is always a risk. But, with National Instruments and TEVET (an industry preferred small business), we take the guesswork out of procurement and eliminate any risk for you and your testing. This is our promise to our customers and OEM partners, like National Instruments. See how National Instruments and TEVET provide you with procurement and mission-critical instrumentation at minimal risk.


NI and TEVET Mitigates Risk for Test and Measurement


Test Engineering Insights for Aerospace and Defense

Discover the best practices to overcome business risk and create a sustainable market advantage through NI’s approach by improving test engineering and operations support. Insights include:

  • Gaining a competitive edge through test
  • Calculating the total cost of ownership
  • Utilizing the total cost of ownership to justify test investment
  • Managing program risk: COTS vs. Custom
  • Driving operational performance with system and data management
  • Minimizing test system maintenance costs

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Risk in Small Business – TEVET’s Answer

TEVET’s goal is to efficiently deliver every order on time and with 100% quality. As an SDVSOB and HUBZone small business, we also provide you with the capability to check those boxes. Unfortunately, “small business” can hold a negative connotation within our industry and can be seen as a risk. TEVET guarantees our professional integrity with each procurement.

Through our AS9120B certified Quality Management System and daily processes, we mitigate any and all risk. Read our most recent blog to learn how we do that for you!

TEVET’s Answer to Risk




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Join us (TEVET and the rest of the industry) at NIWeek 2019 in Austin for May 20th-23rd. If you register now, you can save up to 25%. You have until March 22nd for the discount. So hurry up and make up your mind! We can’t wait to see you. And you can’t wait to see us….or NASA Astronaut, Captain Scott Kelly. We know the truth and won’t tell the Captain.

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