Come see us at AUTOTESTCON (Schaumburg, Illinois: September 11-14) at Booth 303 for a demonstration of new Abaco Systems BT3-USB-MON Bus Monitor with Differential Scope Output. Designed for engineers and developers building, troubleshooting, or maintaining MIL-STD-1553 systems, it contains virtually all the functionality in an integrated, easy to use package. The monitor-only bundle combines three tools into one easy to use product: 1553 visualization and recording with user friendly GUI BusTools/1553-BM, 1553 monitoring hardware, and an integrated differential scope output for electrical analysis.

With the BusTools/1553-BM you can quickly monitor and analyze bus traffic as well as display multiple parameters in real-time. Added features include error detection and rapid filtering of live or recorded data. The integrated differential-to-single-ended 10:1 scope provides outputs for each bus, together with programmable on-board triggers, providing data and waveform capture of specific bus events. A built-in 1553 traffic test generator allows for easy self-test.

With its accessible price point and rugged capability, the BT3-USB-MON will provide many years of trouble-free service in the lab and on the flight line.

Call a TEVET expert today for an easy solution to your MIL-STD-1553 challenges or visit us at our AutoTestCon booth!

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