More chow and clean beds will now exist for all the animals at the Greeneville-Greene County TN Humane Society.

This past month, TEVET’s Senior Account Manager Evie Webster celebrated her five-year employment anniversary. As part of the celebration and in honor of Evie, CEO/President Tracy Solomon presented the Humane Society with a donation. Evie has been a strong supporter of the Humane Society for the past several years. The Humane Society stated in an online social post, “Mr. Solomon knew of Evie’s love for animals and we think this was a great gift! It sounds like TEVET is a great company to work for! Thank you!”

TEVET strives to make a positive and long-lasting impression on its community through supporting community goals, actively participating within the community, and making community contributions. TEVET also focuses on its employees, who all play an important role in the success of TEVET. With happy employees, success rises. With success rising, more good fortune can be shared throughout the community whether it is for furry paws, high school programs, or the support of local businesses. Through sharing the good fortune, supporting social responsibility, and community involvement, TEVET helps the Greeneville area and its people (or furry friends) thrive.

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