Greenville, TN – Over the past year and recent months, the TEVET family has grown with the addition of five new employees – one in procurement department, one to assist the Raytheon, L3, and Boeing team; and three for the Lockheed Martin team.

With TEVET’s growth and increased orders, the procurement department needed an additional specialist to balance the workload. Jeremy Grubbs, who has had experience in financial departments from California to our corner of the Smoky Mountains, stepped in to facilitate this position. With his addition, we can guarantee TEVET’s incomparable customer service to remain at its top performance as we continue to grow.

The aforementioned increased orders have happened across all TEVET accounts, but a significant increase for two account teams – Raytheon, L3, and Boeing team and the Lockheed Martin team – required the addition of team members to ensure the reputed TEVET customer service. An additional four employees have joined the TEVET team to facilitate these needs.

The new team member for the Raytheon, L3, and Boeing team is Adreanna Weems. She will assist in managing day-to-day objectives that ensure goals for each account is met and orders are fulfilled on schedule. With the addition of Adreanna and the experienced account managers – Matt Arick (Raytheon) and Stephanie Hardin (L3 & Boeing), these accounts will have the unique customer service dependability that only TEVET can promise.

The three new Lockheed Martin team members are Sondra Wyatt, Pam Parrish, and Alycea Ohl. Sondra works face-to-face with Lockheed customers in the Southeast region; Pam is Lockheed Martin’s direct sales support contact for any procurement questions that might arise; and Alycea works to ensure relationship growth between Lockheed Martin and TEVET. These three phenomenal new hires combined with the experienced dedicated Lockheed Martin team – Kerri Lane, Laurie Crilly, and Shannon Bostwick – creates a unique procurement problem solving tool that Lockheed can readily depend on.

With the increased opportunities, orders, and overall growth, TEVET needed the assistance to keep customer service quality and response time at its highest standards. With the addition of five new employees (and TEVET family members), we can guarantee that our customer service quality and response time will not diminish within the presence of exceptional growth, rather it will continue to be the best in the industry.

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