Greeneville, TN –  This past week marked a milestone for Senior Account Manager, Evie Webster. She celebrated her six-year anniversary with TEVET.

As with most celebrations, there were congratulatory remarks and good cheer. Yet, TEVET CEO, Tracy Solomon, took it one step further by continuing Evie’s work anniversary legacy.

Beginning with her fifth-year TEVET anniversary, Evie and Tracy donated to the local Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society. Evie is an animal advocate and active within the humane society organization. Continuing with this legacy, Evie and Tracy made another generous donation to the local humane society, but with a significant surprise for Evie. TEVET and the humane society collaborated to name a kennel in Evie’s honor that reads, “Adopt a Kennel: In Honor of Evie Webster, Sponsored by TEVET.”

At TEVET, we foster the sense of community and outreach within our individual employees and as a company. A cornerstone of our organization is to share the success that we have gained from our hard work and customers with our local community – paying it forward. Through continued dedication to customers and the community, Evie and TEVET have contributed to many lives and futures— human and furry friends alike.

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