TEVET strategic partner, Abaco Systems, introduces the new FMC134 FPGA Mezzanine Card. It is a high bandwidth and high channel count I/O module that is ideal for multi-channel receivers in a wide range of applications, including traditional and bi-static radar, multi-channel radar, digital beamforming, wideband receivers, wireless communication SDR, and signals intelligence receivers. It brings industry-leading ADC performance and density with four 12-bit analog-to-digital channels up to 3.2GSPS or two analog channels up to 6.4GSPS.

The FMC134’s advanced design is mechanically and electrically compliant with the FMC+ standard (VITA 57.4), bringing it in line with the next generation of small form factor expansion I/O for high performance FPGA-based systems. Using 16 of the available 32 high speed JESD204B lanes, the FMC134 is capable of a total maximum transfer rate of 200 gigabits/second. Completely flexible for your application, the board also includes an external trigger input and two reference outputs that can be enabled for multi-board synchronization.

Let our TEVET experts show you how to incorporate this advanced I/O module into your leading-edge radar system today!

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