Wireless technology is everywhere. And every day, new capabilities are being created. Data is being consumed at an exponential rate. To answer this demand, new wireless technologies need to have flexible infrastructures and capabilities. Hello, 5G world. National Instruments and TEVET is ready for you. See how below!


New NI Technology Focus


Introducing World’s First 2 GHz mmWave Transceiver System

The mmWave Transceiver System is a mmWave software defined radio (SDR) with radio heads that cover the 27.5–29.5 GHz and 71–76 GHz frequency band, enabling channel sounding and real-time two-way MIMO. Learn more about the mmWave Transceiver System, its capabilities, and see how you can easily implement it in your testing environment. Then reach out to your TEVET Account Manager to streamline your NI procurement process.

Answer 5G Demands with NI mmWave Transceiver System

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NI Solutions Applied to Everyday Testing Environments


The Handbook to Next-Generation Communications

The next-generation communications network is more about faster data rates, available bandwidth, and seamless interaction between humans and countless intelligent devices. 5G technology promises all of this, but with each new solution arises new hurdles for engineers to solve – 5G New Radio’s (NR) design, prototype, and test challenges. See NI’s comprehensive view of how their engineering experts accelerate prototyping and designs.

Wireless Research Handbook


5 Things to Know About 5G New Radio

  1. New Radio (NR) is the Name of the Air Interface
  2. 5G Uses New Spectrum
  3. ……………

Not sure about 5G? Learn about the standards for 5G NR mobile communications, new features, and solutions for design and test.

Learn the 5G Standards


Automotive Applications of Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks

Device-to-Device (D2D) communication refers to the technology that allows devices to communicate with each other without the necessity to use network infrastructures. Benefit? It makes low-latency communication possible. And that’s just one benefit. Learn more about D2D communication in the 5G world and NI solutions.

D2D in the 5G World



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